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My "journeyman smith" performance test, " American Bladesmith Society"

In June, I went out to Mike and Audra Draper's shop in Riverton Wyoming to their annual knife making hammer-in. While I was there, I took my A.B.S. "performance test". This is the first part of a 2 part testing. The idea is to prove your abilities as a knife maker, and make a knife and test it to destruction. The first is to cut a "free-hanging" 1" rope no more than 6 inches from the end in one swipe, then chop 2 2x4 boards in half and check for nicks and then shave hair from your arm. Then put one third of the blade in a vise and bend it to 90 degrees without breaking the blade. As you can see from the pictures, I did all of this with my knife. I also cut my arm while trying to shave the hair! I passed, and this is all that matters! In the next set of pictures, you can see Master smith Kevin Harvey checking for 90 degrees on the knife as I bend it in the vise!

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